Choosing the perfect ride-on toy for your little driver can be a rather challenging task with so many options to shuffle through – as a busy parent, the exhausting research part is just the beginning. A child’s first ride-on toy is long remembered and cherished growing up, that’s why we’ve put together this article to help spread knowledge to parents in the buying process. Whether you’re looking for a specific style or just shopping around, it’s always good to be educated before making a purchase. Don’t worry whether a 6V or a 12V is better, we’ll answer your question in detail in just a few scrolls.

Should I get a 6V or a 12V Ride on Car?

Many of you wonder if a 6 volt or 12 volt battery is better for electric kids ride-on toys, and we will dissect each aspect to determine which one is better.

Most ride-on toys on the market are primarily made up of 12V models and offer more charge capacity and power to the wheels. 6V is most commonly found with smaller sized ride-on toys which limits its speed and charging capacity and specifically made for younger toddlers around 1-2 years old. As kids grow and get heavier, a 6V ride-on is just not enough power to make the journey fun and fruitful. It will most likely lose kids interest and collect dust in the garage only to be eventually thrown out.

A great feature about all TrueMax ride-on toys is that you can choose one of three speed options consisting of slow speed, low speed, and high speed so you don’t have to use all the power. This is ideal for being able to control the speed of your little driver- therefore making a 12 volt battery a better bang for your buck.

Although ride-on toys on the market these days look very attractive, there are other aspects to consider before purchasing:

Safety & Your Kids Car

It goes without saying that safety is the number one priority. Most electric ride-on toys are equipped with an adjustable safety seat belt. Some ride-ons on the market even feature an automatic braking system which prevents the car from rolling downhill at high speeds as soon as your little driver releases their foot from the pedal.

Is It The Right Size?

With tons of styles, colors, and models out there it’s hard to keep track of their sizes. Parents most commonly overlook ride-on toys sizing when purchasing online. It’s always good practice to shop based off of the size you are looking for as they all tend to range drastically. Commonly, 6V ride-on toys tend to be smaller in size as they are specially made from a smaller age group. If you are in the market for a mid sized ride-on toy, they will typically be a 12V battery.

You Need A Durable Ride on

It’s what’s on the outside: a ride-on toys durability comes from its exterior and wiring craftsmanship. A great rule of thumb – you get what you pay for! When beginning the purchasing process of a ride-on toy, you want to ensure that you are getting a quality product, because looks are not what it’s all about. Very low priced ride-on toys typically don’t consume as much plastic to have a strong exterior, this is something you want to shy away from.


What’s a ride-on toy without cool features? Certainly wouldn’t be half as entertaining. Most ride-on cars and trucks come equipped with tons of exciting features that make the riding experience fun not only for the little driver, but the entire family!

Remote Control

Choose between letting your little one take the wheel and pedal all on their own or you can completely control the ride with a remote control. You can simply put the ride-on toys’ gear selector to “Neutral” and take over with the provided remote control, this way you are the only one in control. This is an extremely useful feature for parents and quite entertaining too!

Most commonly, there is a speed selector on the remote control which allows parents to choose the speed of the car ranging from slow to high speed, even put the toy on park.

lamborghini ride on car sound system

MP3 Music Player

Get the party started by blasting your favorite jams and creating unforgettable moments with your little driver. Most ride on cars come equipped with an MP3 player which allows you to connect your phone and play music or flip through a playlist of pre-saved educational songs that is included with the ride-on.

The on-board MP3 player includes: AUX port, SD card slot, and USB slot along with your volume, next track, and pause buttons. The ultimate recipe to a family packed adventure.

Comfort Spring Suspension

You read that right! Some ride-on toys on the market come fitted with a spring suspension to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for the fun adventures ahead. Whether it’s being rode on grass, gravel, dirt, or just plain concrete, the spring system makes it a smooth ride all around.

Realistic Details

If you’re in the market for a licensed ride-on toy, you’ll quickly discover that they look just like the real thing – not only the exterior but all other details.

Ride-on toys typically have LED front and rear lights, open and close doors, and realistic interior details that mirror the actual thing. It’s essentially like buying a car for your little one, between deciding on which color to get or which wheels you like better, it’s mainly a personal preference fitted to your style.

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